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  Our four-legged friends bring joy to our homes and hearts everyday and often become members of the family. The loss of a pet is always frustrating. Sometimes, a search for a lost animal requires a lot of time and effort. Website Pet ID will become your best tool in helping you find your lost animals.

  It is the first database in the Baltic region, which makes it easy to inform the owner about the discovery of the pet.
Nowadays, microchip implants become widely used with the purpose to identify whereabouts of our beloved animals, therefore, a microchip number is used for registration and search. The same way, the database allows to register or notify the owner of the discovery of the pet using tattoo number.

  The process of registration takes a few minutes only. You should provide the information that contains the number of the microchip/tattoo and owner’s contact details (e-mail, etc ). All the personal information is confidential.


A quick search of animal

  It is very easy to report about a find of a pet. To contact to owner of the lost pet it is necessary to enter number of its electron chip or an identification mark into a search engine. If a pet is registered in this base, it will be possible to send to the owner a message.